An Imam of a city mosque was arrested for abusing 12 teen-aged boys and raping several women using his so-called super natural powers.

A RAB team arrested Idris Ahmed,42, an Imam of a mosque in the capital’s

Dakshinkhan, from Syed Nagar, around 11:30pm on Sunday.


Lt Col Sarwar-bin-Kashem, commanding officer (CO) of RAB-1, told this to a group of journalists at a press briefing at RAB Media Centre at Kawran Bazar on Monday.

The elite force recovered a mobile phone set from his possession that disclosed the videos of his immoral acts with the victims.

During primary interrogation, the ‘culprit’ confessed to his crime.

Idris used to victimise most of the victims more than once intimidating them of spreading videos on social media and jinns (supernatural creatures).

The elite force began a shadow investigation and kept surveillance on the ‘criminal’ following a complaint filed by a victim and  came to know details about his criminal acts, Sarwar said.

Idris, hailed from Bimanbandar in Sylhet, who passed Title or Dawra-e-Hadith from a Kawmi madrasa there in 1998.


After passing, he began teaching at a madrasa and a mosque at Companyganj.

He started doing a job of Imam at a mosque at Dakshinkhan in the capital since 2002. At the same time, he was teaching students at a madrasa.

He raped many women who came to him for treatment. Many of them were raped several times, but the victims did not disclose for social stigma.

Not only that, the ‘culprit’ abused 12 boys aged 12-19 for several times.

He abused a boy merely a week before his arrest, the RAB official informed.

Legal action is underway against him.

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